Policies & Regulations


B0000 Introduction
B0177 Professional Services


R1510 Americans With Disabilities Act
R2418 Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 Students
R2460 Special Education
R2460.1 Special Education Location, Identification and Referral
R2460.15 Special Education, In-Service Training Needs for Professional and Paraprofessional Staff
R2460.8 Special Education, Free and Appropriate Public Education
R2460.9 Special Education Transition from Early Intervention Programs to Preschool Programs
R4160 Physical Examination
R5116 Education of Homeless Children
R5338 Diabetes Management
R5600 Pupil Code of Conduct
R5751 Sexual Harassment of Pupils
R8330 Student Records


P1510 Americans With Disabilities Act
P1631 Residency Requirements of District Employees
P2260 Affirmative Action Program for School Practices
P2360 Use of Technology
P2361 Acceptable Use of Computer Networks…
P2418 Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 Students
P2460 Special Education
P2464 Gifted and Talented Students
P2467 Surrogate parents and Foster Parents
P2622 Student Assessment
P3159 Teaching Staff Member-School District Reporting Responsibilities
P3160 Physical Examination
P3281 Inappropriate Staff Conduct
P3282 Use of Social Networking
P3283 Electronic Communications Between Teaching Staff Members and Students
P3321 Acceptable Use of Computer Networks, Computers and Resources By Teaching Staff Members
P3322 Teaching Staff Member’s Use of Cellular Telephones
P3362 Sexual Harassment
P4159 Support Staff Member-School District Reporting Responsibilities
P4160 Physical Examination
P4281 Inappropriate Staff Conduct
P4322 Support Staff Member’s Use of Cellular Telephones
P4352 Sexual Harassment
P5116 Education of a Homeless Child
P5200 Attendance
P5308 Student Health Records
P5310 Health Services
P5330 Administration of Medication
P5331 Management of Life-Threatening Allergies
P5338 Diabetes Management
P5339 Screening for Dyslexia
P5350 Pupil Suicide Prevention
P5350 Student Suicide Prevention
P5512 Harassment, Intimidation and Bullying
P5519 Dating Violence at School
P5530 Student Suicide Prevention
P5530 Substance Abuse
P5533 Student Smoking
P5615 Suspected Gang Activity
P5756 Transgender Students
P6230 Budget Hearing
P7420 Hygienic Management
P7422 School Integrated Pest Management Plan
P7441 Electronic Surveillance in School Buildings and on School Grounds
P7510 Use of School Facilities
P8330 Student Records
P8350 Records Retention
P8420 Emergency and Crisis Situations
P8431 Preparedness for Toxic Hazard
P8462 Reporting Potentially Missing or Abused Children
P8505 School Nutrition
P8540 School Nutrition Programs
P8550 Outstanding Food Services Charges
P8601 Pupil Supervision After School Dismissal
P8660 Transportation by Private Vehicle
P8820 Opening Exercises
P9120 Public Relations Program
P9713 Recruitment by Special Interest Groups
P5600 Student Discipline Code of Conduct


Offer Versus Serve Lunch Policy