Art Club
Kelsey Nemeth
(1 quarter)
Grades K-2

The K-2 Art Club is a place for practicing artists to hone in on their skills, develop their techniques and portfolios, collaborate with other artists like themselves, in addition to practice using materials not ordinarily used in their regular art class such as canvas painting and sculpture. Art Club members will learn how to work together through group projects that will beautify the school and community.

Kim Rohrer
(2 quarters)
Grades 5-8

Bloxels is a club for fifth through eighth-grade students who are interested in creating their own story and then developing the story into a video game. The students will write a story and then use small cubes to create a character for their game. Once a character is created, students will create a video game by designing the background, the actions of the character, and the rewards and consequences throughout the game using tablets. Once the project is completed, the students will have the opportunity to share their games with other students.

Bloxels will meet on the following dates from 7:30 – 8:15 AM:

November 11, 12

December 2, 9, 16

January 6, 13, 20, 27

February 3, 10, 17, 24

March 3, 10, 17

Board Game
Jenn Berge
(1 quarter each group)
Grades 6-8 and 3-5

The Board Game Club Join a club that celebrates intelligence, creativity, strategy, and fun.  Ms. Berge will teach and play a variety of board games that embrace strategic thinking, decisions that matter, learning how to work with someone else – or possibly against someone else! Games rules are taught at each meeting and new games will be introduced throughout the time we spend together. The club will be separated into two groups, Grades 3 – 5 and Grades 6 – 8. Roll the dice and try something new!

Angela Matus
(4 quarters)
Grades 1-4

CIA is a club where 1st through 4th graders can be more involved in their school community. Club members will participate in activities to promote a positive environment for their peers, including relationship building activities and activities to boost the overall school climate. Club members will also have the opportunity to choose a charity or organization to promote and fundraise for. CIA is a fun precursor to those students who aspire to be in the Student Council.

Drama Club
Angela Matus
(2 quarters)
Grades 5 – 8

The BES Drama Club will be open to all students who wish to be a part in the production of this year’s play. Students who are interested in performing will attend practices to put together a short production of a play, while other students will come together to create set designs and costumes. The BES Drama Club will allow students of all interests to come together to create a wonderful experience that they will share with the school body at the end of the club’s duration.

Geocaching Club
Karen Bolmarcich
(1 quarter)
Grades 5-8

Geocaching is a family friendly adventure sport that integrates technology with physical activity.  As one popular description puts it, “to geocache you use multi-million dollar satellites to find Tupperware in the woods.”  It is a gigantic game of hide (containers) and seek (using a GPS) and it gets all ages of people from many walks of life off the couch and out into the world.  Best of all, it’s practically free.  A person hides a container, publishes the coordinates to a geocaching website (we will use and other people use their GPS unit to locate the hidden container using the coordinates given. Students in grades 6 – 8 will join the adventure using either their own cell phone or a school owned GPS device. Students will learn the rules of the game, geocaching etiquette, how to create a fantastic hide, solve a geocaching puzzle and how to appropriately log their find on Geocaching club will take place in both the classroom and outdoors. Outdoor instruction will take place on school grounds as well as at Tuxhorn Park (parental permission required).

Newspaper Club
Auburn Donaruma
(3 quarters)
Grades 4-8

Newspaper Club is an opportunity for students to enhance their writing skills while keeping the Bloomsbury students, parents, teachers, and community members up to date on all things BES, as well as, reporting on current events!

Rubik’s Cube Club
Karen Bolmarcich
(1 quarter)
Grades 5-8

The Rubik’s Cube club is a third marking period club for students in grades 5 through 8. Solving Rubik’s Cube is not as hard as it seems. It is a combination of pattern recognition, muscle memory, memory of patterns, and a dose of perseverance. Learn to solve the first layer, the first and second layers, or all three layers to complete the Rubik’s Cube!

Student Council
Kim Rohrer
(4 quarters)
Grades 6-8

Student council is a student-led club where the students can make decisions regarding fundraising opportunities and activities they would like to hold for the other students in the school to participate in. Some activities in the past led by the student council are school dances, game nights, car washes, and making gingerbread houses, to name a few. The student council meets regularly after school on Mondays or Tuesdays from 3:05-4:05 pm (a detailed calendar is provided at the beginning of the school year). In addition to meetings, the students will host a variety of different activities throughout the year.

Student Council will meet on the following dates from 3:05 to 4:05:

September 21

October 5, 19, 26

November 16, 30

December 7, 21

January 4, 18

February 15

March 1, 15, 29

April 5, 19

Ultimate Frisbee
Mike Fortino
(2 quarters)
Grades 5-8

Put down the Nintendo Switch, and get your face out of the Tic-Tocs.  It’s time to throw a plastic pie-tin to your buddies!  Bloomsbury Ultimate Frisbee meets weekly, and each session consists of a mix of warmups, mini-games, and live scrimmages.  Ultimate Frisbee aims to build skill, teamwork, and friendly competition in a fun and supportive environment.  We hope to see you out there, and if you have any questions, please direct them to Mr. Fortino (
Ultimate Frisbee Permission Form

Ultimate Frisbee Dates:

September: 13 (Monday), 20 (Monday), 28 (Tuesday)

October: 4 (Monday), 12 (Tuesday), 18 (Monday), 25 (Monday)

November (TBD – weather permitting/dependent)  

Karen Bolmarcich
Full Year
Grades: 8

Yearbook club is open to 8th grade students who are eager to have a hand in creating our school’s yearbook. Beginning in mid October and ending in April, yearbook club will meet for a total of 32 meetings or 24 hours. Club members will be trained in the use of the yearbook editing software and will have responsibility for design of their assigned pages. Club members must to attend all meetings so that our deadline can be met on time.