School District
If it is to be, it is up to me!
-William H. Johnsen
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Bloomsbury Directory

Ms. Eppolite
Dr. Marycz
Mr. Mantz
Business Administrator
Board Secretary
Mrs. Eich
School Secretary
Mrs. Arlotto
Special Education
Ms. Scuderi
School Nurse
Mrs. Housel
Special Education
Mrs. Bolmarcich
Technology Specialist
Ms. Nitzsche
Pre-School and Special Education
Pre-School Website
Mr. Garfein
Head Custodian
Miss Arlotto
Kindergarten Website
Mrs. Roles
Cafeteria Manager
Mrs. Pulcini
First Grade
First Grade Website
Mrs. Woodruff
Social Worker/CST
Mrs. Woodruff’s Website
Mrs. Duerring
Second Grade
Second Grade Website
Mrs. Payne
Mrs. Lemasters
Third Grade
Third Grade Website
Mrs. Nancy Vitale
Mrs. Mottley
Fourth Grade
Fourth Grade Website
Mrs. Linthwaite
Ms. Rohrer
5 – 8 ELA, 5th Grade Homeroom
Ms. Rohrer’s Website
Mrs. Ferriera
Mrs. MacLennan
5 – 8 Science, 6th Grade Homeroom
Mrs. MacLennan’s Website
Mrs. Thomas
Mr. Woodruff
5 – 8 Social Studies, 7th Grade Homeroom
Mr. Woodruff’s Website
Mrs. Bolmarcich
Mrs. Bolmarcich’s Website
Mrs. Hartman
5 – 8 Mathematics, 8th Grade Homeroom
Mrs. Hartman’s Website
Mrs. McDonnell
Mrs. Zambrano
World Languages
Mrs. Zambrano’s Website
Ms. Hill-Whipple
Physical Education and Health
Ms. Hill-Whipple’s Website