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-William H. Johnsen

Applebee’s Teacher of the Year

The Bloomsbury Elementary School PTO is supporting Applebee’s essay campaign for “Applebee’s Teacher of the Year.” Applebee’s will award four teachers, in the state of New Jersey, a $500 sponsorship check for their classroom for the upcoming year and throw their current class an end of the year party at Applebee’s. TO ENTER THE CONTEST: Students need to nominate their teachers with an essay on why their teacher deserves to be Teacher of the Year. Middle & high school students need to write a 500 word es-say. Elementary school students need to write half a page essay. All entries will receive a free ice cream certificate to Applebee’s. They will also receive a free snack during lunch at school, compliments of the PTO. This is a voluntary assignment. Students are under no obligation to participate. Stu-dents may nominate ANY teacher they believe deserves to be awarded Teacher of the Year. Essays are due no later than Thursday, March 29, 2018. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the PTO. Let’s show the state of New Jersey that Bloomsbury Elementary School has the best teachers!

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